Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Not much new again today lol. I tried using my pedometer again and got a whole 0.o5 miles lol. The bad part was it was at 0.04 after I had walked from the locker room to the canteen where I take my breaks. I guess I'll try setting it for steps tomorrow and see how that goes.

I did however take my car in for an oil change and got the antifreeze changed too. The antifreeze had been in it for a while and the last time the folks at the oil change place where I take my car to said it wasn't very good. So, before it gets real cold here I thought it would be best to get it done now. My oil was due to be changed last September, but as I was off on medical, I didn't put that many miles on it. It was just over 3,000 miles since the last time. As I don't drive over to the other side of the state to see Skittles anymore, I don't put that many miles on my car anymore.

I got home and instantly smelled something good cooking. Skittles prepared a wonderful meal of spaghetti with salad and cheese bread for dinner.

We worked 10 hours today, so I am pretty tired. Maybe another early to bed day. I'll work on something simple for my Thursday Thirteen. Till next time BYE!!

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