Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heads or Tails

This weeks Heads or Tails meme theme is someone you'd like to meet.

I think I'll pick Henry Ford for this one. He's really just one a many from the past that I'd like to meet. Part of the reason I'd like to meet him is that he surrounded himself with others who were smart. He himself was pretty smart as far as I know seeing as he came up with the idea of the moving assembly line. I just think it would be neat to be able to talk to him and find out more about him.

Till next time BYE!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Post....lol

I was just sitting here looking at the map at the bottom of my blog and realized that Barb and I have done some pretty good travelling over the years. Just last year we added Maine, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin to our list of states that we have visited. We'll have to see how many more we can add this year. The only thing wrong with this way of doing things is that we are running out of new states to visit lol. I must admit though, that I have enjoyed travelling immensely the way we do it. We get to see so much of this great country of ours.

Till next time BYE!!


I haven't been posting regularly for awhile now. I've been busy playing a pc game called World of Warcraft. It does take up a lot of time and is addicting lol.

Some new things have happened since I last posted though. Barb and I got a new bedroom last year. She had been wanting some new bedroom furniture so we ended up getting a king sized waterbed and new furniture that seems to match it pretty well.

We had a dvd surround sound system that wasn't the best and kept sticking in the middle of movies, so we got a new surround sound system for Christmas. I also got some new tools for my birthday and Christmas too :)

I haven't done anything with my collection of trains so far this winter. Winter is usually the time when I get the bug to work on them but I just haven't felt like it so far.

We haven't really taken any good long trips since last summer, but I think that will change as I am supposed to get laid off one week per month in the next couple months due to slowdowns at work.

I think that's about all for now, I might try to do more blogging in the future, we'll see lol.
Till next time BYE!!

Heads or Tails

This week's Heads or Tails meme is to write about any of the 5 senses. I don't think I'll hit on all of them but I definitely will hit on a couple of them.

This is longer than it has to be, but I think it might be interesting lol.

For Christmas I got Barb a new am/fm cd player for her car. I brought it home and wrapped it up so she could see what she had got, She had an am/fm cassette player in her car, but it had a cassette stuck in the player that just wouldn't come out. Her car also has the controls for the radio and heat on the steering wheel, so when I bought the new radio I told the people there that the radio had to be one that worked with it. So after Christmas I took the car back to where I bought it to have the new radio installed. First thing they tell me after they get the car where they install radios was that the radio that I had bought didn't work with the steering wheel control...UGH. So they let me see a couple they had that did and I got one that did work with it. But, they didn't have the correct interface controller for her car. They ordered it and it got in about a week later. I guess by now you're wondering where this is going and what it has to do with any "senses? lol. Anyway, I took it back this past Monday to have them install the interface and now everything works like it's supposed to, almost lol.

After I got the car back from them installing the controller, I thought everything was fine until I looked at the gas gauge. It wasn't working properly. This has happened in the past when we had work done on the car that required the battery to be disconnected. The gas gauge does this funny thing where it actually goes past it's stop and doesn't register anything. I've been told this is a fairly common thing on GM cars.

So to the point of this meme. I went out this morning and fixed the gas gauge on Barbs car. It took a good "feel" to get it apart and then figure out how to fix the gauge. I had to "see" where all the screws holding it together were also. After I fixed the gauge I reset her radio to the correct time and date also. So, I "feel" good about doing this also.

So, thats my input for this meme this week. I know it was a bit long, but I tried to relate it to the meme.

Till next time BYE!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

This weeks Heads or Tails meme theme is the Letter "C".
For this I think I'll do Choo Choo lol. I know this is actually 2 words, but if any of you have read any of my blog (when I was blogging that is) you'd know I love trains. When I was a youngster, I always called trains choo choo's. Probably a great many kids do also. It's what most grownups who try to tell a child what a train is calls them so!! I haven't been doing much with my trains this season. In the past I would have been working on them either by weathering them or assembling the kits that I had gotten, but I've been busy playing a game called World of Warcraft. That doesn't start with a "C" so I won't go into it . That's about all for now. Thanks for dropping by. Till next time BYE!!