Thursday, January 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

For this weeks Thursday Thirteen I have decided to list 13 places I'd like to see.

1 Grand Canyon

2 Bryce Canyon

3 Yosemite National Park

4 Hoover Dam

5 Pertified Forest

6 Pyramids at Giza

7 Forida Keys

8 Leaning Tower of Pisa

9 Coloseum of Rome

10 Nazca Lines in Peru

11 Easter Island

12 Ayres Rock Australia

13 Great wall China


Skittles said...

Ohhh.. can I go, too??? Happy TT!

Caylynn said...

Great list! #6 and 9 are on my list of places to visit, and we plan on visiting both sometime over the next three years while we're posted to Munich. All the others places on your list would also be very cool to visit.

Happy TT. :)

Terri said...

Great list....except Pisa. I've seen it and was SO disappointed. Looked much better in photos.
Happy traveling to you in '07.
My TT is also up.

Mikala said...

Wow...a few of those are on my "I must do before I die" list, like the Great Pyramids, Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Great Wall of China.

I've seen 4 of them - Grand Canyon (very majestic), Yosemite National Park (so beautiful), Hoover Dam (awe-inspiring) and the Florida Keys (just so relaxing).

I hope you and Skittles get to take these trips ...any plans for a trip this year? I know you guys saw a LOT last year.

Sweet Kitty said...

Great list!
Thank you very much for sharing!
I'd like to go with you there! Will you adopt me for that journey? =)

Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,
Happy New Year to all of you

P.S: My list is up too! Please visit Sweet like Kitty

Chickadee said...

I went to the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Beautiful. Be sure to stay for a sunset over the canyon when you do go!

My 13 are up.

Chris said...

Don't forget Callanish in Scotland

(It's a link to one of my websites)

Don't forget Scotland in general ;-)

lynn said...

and Cheltenham, surely. Come to my blog and visit there.

Barbara H. said...

I hope you get to see them. I'm not a good traveler, myself, so you can have my travel allotments, too. :)

my 2 cents said...

Number 9 and 13 are on my list.

I hope you get to travel to all the places you'd like to go!

Cheryl said...

The Grand Canyon is tops on our list. It's my husband's number one priority, probably for this summer.

DesLily said...

I saw the grand canyon for all of 20 minutes.. thru tears of joy lol.. I'd LOVE to go and spend some serious time there!

Rach said...

cool...I've seen 1, 3 & 4. My brother was in the Coast Guard and got stationed at #7...he loved it!

Jeni said...

I can agree with your choices there for the most part, except if it were me, I'd have to change two of them to be visiting Sweden and Scotland! Now, which two of your choices I would drop to sub my additions in there is the $64,000 question!

Velcro said...

I want to see the Giant Sequoias

JohnH985 said...

I want to see the Gand Canyon too.

Sarge Charlie said...

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crpitt said...

All of them are on my world travel list! The pennies are slowly adding up. I have been Scotland 5 times last year and plan many more trips this year! My sister lives there.

sarala said...

I'm so spoiled, I've been to all except 6, 10, 11, 12 &13.

I hope you see them all some day.

JohnH985 said...

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

great list mike, we have seen about half of them and would love to do some more.

and i liked the leaning tower of piza but remember i went close but not all the way, had trouble walking. it is not as big as you would think, it is the bell tower for a church. i didn't know that before.

Sanni said...

I want, no - I NEED a vacation right now =) - my trip will take me to all 13 places...

I´ve been to Giza, Rome and Pisa before. But I enjoyed The Keys most.

Have fun while visiting all these places!

Marcia said...

The Hoover Dam was awesome and I have been to the Keys, great place to visit. . but it is the Grand Canyon that is calling my name. Hope you get to soon change this list title to 13 places I have been!

Happy Thursday.

Erika said...

Great list! I want to see all those too!

masgblog said...

All of those sound great. Canada has some really beautiful places as well. Worth considering.

Tisha said...

*LOL* Skittles, "can I go?"!! She's so crazy.

great list.

Thanks for dropping in. : )

Sunflower said...

Great list! Thanks for shareing!

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog and supporting me!
Welcome back anytime.

I will Exercise for Comments!

alisonwonderland said...

great list! #2 and #3 are definitely on my list of places to see - hopefully soon (putting my National Parks Pass to good use!)

thanks for stopping by! happy thursday!

Asara Dragoness said...

Billy and I went to Hoover Dam the day we got married. It was indeed awe-inspiring, but what I remember most was the chatty lady behind the counter at the gift shop, who told us such uplifting stories, like what it's like for them to clean off the dam after someone jumps off it. Nice.

Faz the Cat said...

A truly great list. I've managed five but ironically (for an Australian) I've never been to Ayers Rock (now called Uluru as it's owned by the native Australians). Christine and Faz

HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Great list - thanks - you've given me an idea for my next TT!

When you go to the Hoover Dam you absolutely have to take the tour - no matter how long the wait. It's so interesting. I've been to the Dam 4 times and never get tired of seeing it :)

The Wooden Porch said...

Great list! Wouldn't it be fun to get a blogging party to all gather in one of those places? Preferably somewhere close, cheap, and with free babysitting. Oh who am I kidding?