Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thusday Thirteen

For this weeks Thursday Thirteen I will list 13 things I can see at or on my desk.

1 Various Magazines

2 My new Camera Lens

3 My Camera

4 My Meds

5 Spray can of Air

6 Pens

7 Cup for Pens

8 My Monitor

9 Speakers for my PC

10 Duck Figurine

11 2 Model Planes ( an F4U Corsair and a Curtiss P40)

12 Printer

13 Rack of CD's


Skittles said...

Psst... he could do this same topic for a few more weeks lol.

Milan-zzz said...

Oh Mike ... not messy at all!

My TT #4 is up!

PS LOL skittles I have to steal idea!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

mike are you sure they are not my meds, i've been looking all over the blogesphere for them! sigh... double check, would you? thanks... bee

Mikala said...

LOL Skits!

I could never name only 13 things on my desk...oh it's a mess.

Happy TT!

Sanni said...

Ha! I can "see" it =)
But I could never mention 13 things on my desk... they don´t is such a tiny little desk *sigh* - oh wait:
2.-12.11 paper-clips
13.Box for clips
My desk is full - LOL

Please visit my TT #8 - Thanks a lot =)


Things are acceptable to see in your desk. At least they are not so mixed up.
Mine will be up soon.

Anonymous said...

Raggedy said...

Meds are on my desk too.
Have a wonderful Thursday.
My TT is posted.
erm...i am looking at the anonymous post above mine. I think they wanna sell ya something.

my 2 cents said...

My desk here has a million things on it. It drives me crazy... most of it does not belong to me. I could do with that Spray Can of Air that you have, the keyboard at my house really needs to be cleaned.

JohnH985 said...

My desk is so cluttered with junk I'd be afraid to list what is on it.

My 13 are up.

Sarge Charlie said...

where's the clutter, i have started working on taxes......

Barbara H. said...

That sounds like our desks. Well, except for the duck figurine and planes. :)

crpitt said...

Hey, I could a thursday thousand on my desk! can of air? is pollution bad.
Had to laugh at anon post!

kinky said...

Lol your space is funny...liked your profile, you earned a big family...

Jeni said...

boy - listing thiNgs in my desk - too numerous to even consider! One word though fully describes it - MESS!