Monday, January 29, 2007


I took today off as a vacation day. It's been a pretty slow day really. I did go see my neurosurgeon and he says that he doesn't need to see me anymore. Most of the pain and stiffness is due to getting back into the swing of things at work. If we go down to 8 hours I'll try to get some physical therapy in so that I can strengthen my left leg.

Other than that I just did a little shopping that needed to be done. I did find out that I overpaid for the new paint I bought at the craft store, so I stopped in there to get that straightened out. I also stopped at Lowe's to get a replacement filter for our room air cleaner. I'm glad they had one since it's a lot cheaper to get it from there than to have to order it. The funny part of it is is that on the box it says that there are at least 2 filters inside. I thought huh? But after getting home and looking inside the box, I found out that it's one big roll of this stuff. Oh, I guess I should mention that our air cleaner has 2 types of filters. The outer one is an activated carbon type filter and that's the one I needed. And what you do is measure the old filter against the big piece of new material and cut it to size. And yes, there is enough for 2 filters there lol. It's some kind of universal type deal and more than one model uses it. I had already picked up the other filter which is like a normal pleated paper one before. So, we're all set in getting nice clean air in our PC room.

Other than that, we had a nice dinner and watched Superman Returns. I liked it. The only actor that I really knew in it though was Kevin Spacey. The others are new to me. But as I said, it was good.

Now all I have left to do is get ready to go to work tomorrow. At least it will be a 4 day week for me. Wooo Hooo lol. If I get home at a decent hour I'll be practicing my airbrush skills on the comic book I bought. I'll see if I can do it without going outside of the lines. This ought to be interesting as I have never done any real fine line work with it before. It'll be good to learn though. I also found 50 pictures from the web of graffiti on trains so I can get a good idea of what to put on one. Till next time BYE!!


Sarge Charlie said...

Just dropping by, tax season you know

lynn said...

Airbrush? Never tried it but i'm curious and look forward to seeing your results!

Sanni said...

50 pictures?! WOW! I´m so looking forward to see your train =)

Enjoy your 4-day week!

Gene Bach said...

It's always an adventure when I change the filter for the heat pump at the house. The place whre the filter goes is about 1/3" too small and I have to bend it until I can get it to jam in there. LOL!