Monday, January 15, 2007

6 Weird Things Meme

I got tagged by Rach from Rachels Random Writings to do a 6 Weird Things About Me meme. Sorry for taking so long to get it done Rach :)

1 I have never flown on an airplane

2 I can't swim

3 I'm afraid of heights, but love the view once I'm there lol

4 I didn't start smoking till I was 46

5 I've haven't shaven in 30 years

6 I'm a procrastinator ( it took me several weeks to do this meme lol)


DesLily said...

wow!.. i can't believe you started smoking at 46!!.. (I was 13)

I can't swim more then a few strokes either!

Sanni said...

Very good =)
I´m smiling at #6

I´ve started smoking when I was 23.

Tisha said...

You've never flown! Wow, we gotta change that. Don'tcha wanna vacation somewhere over water?

Pepper said...

#6 is funny. I can't believe you haven't flown. You and Barb needs to go on a vacation where you have to fly.

Rach said...

thanks for doing it mike...of course there is never any pressure. :) I love number six...that is soooooo me. I find it highly unusual that you have never flown on an airplane.

Heart of Rachel said...

What a coincidence. I was tagged too. :)

Same here, I don't know how to swim. I'm terrified of heights but I love amusement park rides. :)