Monday, December 10, 2007

For this weeks Heads or Tails meme the theme is either heads. something in the air or in space or tails, something in or under the water.

For this week I think I'll be different and do something for both memes.

First thing I thought of for the meme was the something in space thing. That thing happens to be the orbiting international space lab. Part of the reason that came to mind was that there was supposed to be a launch sunday of the space shuttle that was canceled due to a malfunctioning fuel gauge. The shuttle will eventually take the rest of the space stations parts up in space so astronauts can assemble them. Although the shuttles are due to retire within the next 5 or so years, I hope they get the job done.

The second part of this came to mind when Skittles said something to me about trains not being under water when she explained what this weeks meme was. I got to thinking and came up with something to put in the meme. So here it goes. There is a train that goes under water so to speak. It's the train that runs under the English channel in the "Chunnel". This train carries passengers and autos between England and France. Before the Chunnel, folks there had to rely on ferries to cross the English Channel. Now they can ride in comfort in a speedy train and arrive safe and sound.

So, that does it for me on this weeks Heads or Tails meme. Till next time BYE!!