Monday, May 19, 2008

Heads or Tails

This weeks "Heads or Tails" meme theme is "Peace or Piece". For this week I think I'll chose the former, Peace.

I'll start by telling you about part of the trip Skittles and I took a few weeks ago. We went to see the Rocky Mountains. What a beautiful sight they were indeed. There were several places that were so "peace"ful that we were just awestruck by it. The one that really comes to mind though was on the road that takes you to see the Royal Gorge. On this road which twists and turns up the mountains to get to the gorge there were several places where you could pull your car over and have a picnic. These places had picnic benches and beautiful scenery. We stopped at one to have lunch before going on to the gorge. When we got out of the car we beheld some very pretty scenes. You could look out from our vantage point and see many mountains surrounding the area. The other thing that struck us was the quietness there. There wasn't any sound other than the wind or the very seldom passing car. It was just so "peace"ful there that it made you want to stay forever.

That's my post for this week. I wish you could all have been there (not at the same time mind you lol) so you could enjoy it for yourselves. Till next time BYE!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Camera Critters

It's time for another installment of Camera Critters. It's easy to play this meme as you just need to take a pic of a critter and post it. I took this photo during our last trip. We had stopped early in the morning at a rest stop in Nebraska the second day of our ride. This is part of what the scenery looked like there.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


On the bottom of my blog I have a map of states that I have visited. I have updated it to reflect the 2 new states that I have visited since I last updated it. One of those states is of course Colorado, the other new state is Kansas. So, I'm getting the map filled up and some day maybe I'll get it all filled lol. Till next time BYE!!

The Trip

As most of you know by reading Skittles blog that we took a trip this past week. We went to Colorado first where we went to see the Rocky Mountain National Park, then headed south of there where we spent the night within easy sight of Pikes Peak. The next day we headed over to see the Royal Gorge (something I thought I'd never get to see). We ended up trying to make it to another National park only to think it would be better to make our way home ( we were kinda running out of time and the extra distance would have meant extra travel time). We made out way towards home with a neat stop in Hannibal Missouri. Hannibal is the boyhood home of one Samuel Clemens, better known by his writing name of Mark Twain. We got to see some very neat things there including going on a river boat ride. I've put up some pics for you to enjoy. I hope the mountain pics do the majestic Rocky Mountains justice. For this installment I'll only include the Mountain and Gorge pics. I'll post later with the Hannibal pics as I don't want to take up too much space. Till next time BYE!!

Pikes Peak as seen from the corner of our hotel

As a side note, I shrunk the pics so they would load faster, so if you click on them, they will come up a bit bigger.