Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Warning Labels

I read an article in the News of the Strange a bit ago that dealt with a group that gave out some kind of awards for the most ridiculous warning labels. One of the top vote getters was for a washing machine label that warned folks not to put their children in one. Now I have to ask you? Is there really anyone out there who does this? Are they that deprived financially that they think a whirl around in a washing machine is a good trade off for a visit to an amusement park?

It really boggles my mind with some of the warnings that are put on products these days. Like there are folks that really don't understand that you don't use a hairdryer while taking a shower? Or that you don't ingest a cleaning product? I mean c'mon, most of this stuff smells so bad I wouldn't want to even think about trying to drink it.

I know a lot of people keep things like this under their sink and have small kids around. But are these small kids going to be able to read these labels? I think that's where common sense should rule. Parents should know to keep things like this out of little hands.

There are other silly warning labels that I have seen. Like don't dispose of batteries in a fire. I've never tried this myself. Never even thought about it. But I guess someone has done it for there to be a warning label on batteries for it. I just don't get peoples lack of common sense I guess.

I'll probably get some pretty interesting comments on this. I don't mind. I'm just putting my two cents on this issue out there for others to see. I've just been thinking about this for the past couple of days and thought I'd post about it. Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

Unfortunately there ARE stupid people out there who try stupid things then file a lawsuit.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

they are already on the edge of the herd mike.... bee

crpitt said...

Did you know that nuts apparently contain guess what? Yes you guessed it Nuts!
also on superman costumes for children there are warning labels saying that you cannot fly with this costume on!
Love the Train!


Abigail S said...

I have true story that may make the washing machine warning a bit more understandable.

One day, my brother and his friend were playing hide and seek. They were both 12 at the time. Well, my brotehr searched and searched for his friend. Finally, he found him curled up inside the clothes dryer.

Granted, it wasn't the washer. But still... kids do stupid things!

The Wooden Porch said...

Off subject... but I love the train!!

Tisha said...

Heh heh...our cat got in the dryer one time. We kept hearing a thumping noise and wondered what it was, opened the door and out she flew. She was fine. It was pretty funny!
People can be really dumb, and people are lawsuit happy so businesses can't be too careful nowadays!

Robin said...

Not really a warning, but this one always gets me. You go through the front door of a store and a sign says, No dogs allowed except seeing-eye dogs. And this isn't also posted in Brialle. Well, the dog can't read, and neither can the person.

I mean all that could happen is someone would come up to the blind person and say, hey, you can't have a dog in here.

What's the blind person going to say? Oh, I didn't see the sign.

Jeni said...

I does boggle the mind at times to think of people not understanding how to operate somethings correctly - like a hair dryer might emit gee, "hot air" and could burn one's scalp if not used correctly or some such. I read a thing a good while back of all kinds of warning labels that you do think afterwards, are people really that dumb. Yeah, I suppose there are some who are!

Like my son and son-in-law who, without fail, even though they see me taking a casserole dish from the oven, putting it directly on the table and with pot holders beside it, one of the two dumb-dums will inevitiably try to pick it up without using the potholders! Go figure! (And this, even after I pointedly state "Do you see these potholders beside this dish?")