Friday, January 26, 2007


Here's the latest train car I got done. It's the same type as the last one but a different road. I also went for a more rusty look on it. This weekend I might attempt to add some graffiti on one of the cars. Wish me luck lol. The top picture is a before and the bottom one is the after :)


masgblog said...

hey mike - - -you need a train shelf like my kitty shelf eh?

I have to do my FF....thx for stopping by

your sweet wife spoiled me with the bestest blog thing..

Meloncutter said...

Good luck on the grafitti. LOL

You are probably cussing me at this point for suggesting it huh?


Later Y'all

Sarge Charlie said...

Is that a after and before or two cars?

Mike said...

melon, I'm not cussing you lol. I was going to try it sooner or later anyway. The problem has been to find a picture of it that I can actually understand what it says lol.

charlie, yes, its a before and after pic. Sorry for the confusion.

jolie-jordan said...

Great job. It looks so authentic.
Grafitti, hey? I'll be waiting to see that.