Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Pornstar Name

I saw this over at Skittles' Place this morning and gave it a try lol.

Your Adult Film Star Name Is...

Sergeant Stiffy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heads or Tails

The theme for this weeks "Heads or Tails" meme is "Train". I'll post about what I have been doing at work for the past couple months. I have been "training" other people on how to build new cars models that my plant is going to get to manufacture. I've been made the major model person and am responsible for teaching others how to do there respective jobs. The new model we are going to be making has quite a few changes in how things are done and it is part of my job to "Train" others in how these processes will be done. I'll bet most who read my blog thought I'd be posting on real trains or model trains lol. Just a different take on it this time. Till next time BYE!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Heads or Tails

This weeks "Heads or Tails" meme is to list 10 things in the category of my choosing. For this week I have chosen to list 10 hobby type things I enjoy. They are in no particular order.

Ten hobbies I enjoy partaking in.

1 watching real trains

2 model trains (ho scale)

3 gas powered r/c cars

4 building model cars

5 watching dvd movies

6 working on computers

7 working on cars

8 woodworking

9 photography

10 recording my old vinyl records into mp3 format

So there you have it. You get to know a little more about me with this meme.

Till next time BYE!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Skittles!!

Today is Skittles' birthday. We don't have a big party planned, just more like a nice quiet time here at home. I'll be baking a birthday cake for her later today. We will have some of her kids visit us on Saturday though. This is the 7th birthday I have spent with her, the 2nd since we have been married. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for being who she is, a wonderful woman who I enjoy spending my life with. We travel and enjoy doing things together. She's the one who makes our home a place that I enjoy coming home to each day. In short, I love her very much.

So, Happy Birthday Skittles :)

If you've read this you might go over to Skittles' Place and wish her a happy birthday too, I know she'll appreciate it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Friday's Feast

When was the last time you were surprised? About 2 months ago when Skittles came home and showed me the new GPS she bought for me :)

Fill in the blanks: My eyes are Green, but I wish they were Green. I'll stick with what I got lol.

If you were a Beanie Baby, what would you look like and what would your name be? Plump with a beard and glasses and be called Grandpa Beany.

Main Course
Name two things you consistently do that you consider to be healthy habits. Go to work and pay bills lol.

What brand of toothpaste are you using these days? Do you like it? Why or why not? Pepsident, because that's what Skittles likes. I like it too because to me touthpaste is toothpaste!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Heads or Tails

This weeks Heads or Tails meme theme is "explore".

I came up with what I wanted to post on this meme pretty quickly. What came to my mind first was the trips that Barb(Skittles) and I have taken over the years. Usually during our trips we go on little side trips to see things that we either have heard about or seen on the map. Our trips also aren't usually planned to be just a get there and back thing. In other words, our trips are open to "exploring". This leaves us open to seeing and doing almost anything we want. I was going to post some pictures for the meme, but I have already done that in previous posts and it was difficult to just pick a few to put here.

I'll list a few of my favorite places that we have explored instead.

1 Yellowstone National Park
2 Mount Rushmore National Park
3 The Badlands both in N. Dak and S.Dak
4 The New England area. Too many neat places to name just a few.

So, that about does it for this meme. Seeing as Skittles and I have visited 38 states together and seen quite a lot together, I'd say we have "explored" quite a bit. Till next time BYE!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday's Feast

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday? Seeing as this year I turn 50, not that much anymore. It just isn't like it used to be when I was younger lol.

What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of? The "N" word. I'm don't like it and don't like the double standards of it's use.

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like? No, but there are times I need too. As I wear glasses to see I need a pair of those flip type ones.

Main Course
If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it? Probably to my wife Barb. We've done so much together and gone so many new places.

Name a beverage that you enjoy. Pepsi :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I saw this over at Skittles' Place and thought it was kinda cool. It was a meme that you were supposed to tag someone else to do after you did it, but I won't tag anyone, I'll just put it up for you to see. Basically, you make a picture of your desktop and explain what it is and why you chose it. For my desktop I use a picture that I took while on vacation in upper New Hampshire while we were looking for moose. I don't remember the exact name of the park or area, but this is a stream that leads to a natural feature in this area called the "basin". The "basin" was formed by the fast rushing water that has eroded the surrounding stone to look like a wash basin. A very neat area that we happened upon while cruising for moose lol.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Halloween Costume

I saw this over at Skittles' Place and gave it a try. The questions are pretty wild lol.

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

A Bumble Bee

Monday, October 1, 2007

Heads Or Tails

For this weeks "Heads or Tails" meme the theme is "Stack" or "Stacks". ''

The first thing that came to mind as I had just written another post about where I work, is the "stacks" that protrude from the paint shop at my plant. They aren't smoke stacks that you normally see in a factory, rather they are designed to clear our paint shop of unused byproducts. while it may be true that some of the byproducts are incinerated before being sent out the stacks, you never see smoke coming from them.

I couldn't find a good picture of the ones like the ones that are on my plant. I have taught my wife Barb how to tell where the paint shop is on almost any auto factory. It's pretty easy once you know what to look for. Mostly it's the number and size of the stacks. Usually there are many small ones and a few bigger ones to look for. They are usually clustered in a small area on one building.

There are many stacks coming out of our paint shop. Plus we have several very large ones at the end of our building that are used to clean up any solids or harmful vapors that may escape the usual treatment process.

So that's what I thought of when I did this meme. Till next time BYE!!

What We Wanted To Be And What We Became

This post actually came to me last week but I have just gotten around to posting it.

Much of it came about as a result of a conversation with one of the unit leaders that I have been working with in the paint shop where I work. It seems that one of the higher ups is taking a position in a different part of the plant and the unit leader that I was talking to had applied for the position. This position normally requires that one have some type of educational degree. But seeing as there was another person within the paint shop that didn't have said degree and had done this job, filling in for the person it belonged to had also applied for it, that part of the requirement was dropped.

The position in question really isn't that difficult to perform. It requires mainly a mind for numbers. Specifically, how many cars that are built in each bank of the paint shop. Each unit kind of performs independently of each other and has a bank of cars that the next unit can feed on in case of downtime in the previous unit.

All this to explain what was going through my mind. You see, I turned out to be pretty much a normal type guy after high school. I chose not to pursue college and have been making a living with my hands since then and not to shabbily, I might add.

But this conversation did get me to thinking about what might have happened to me had I chosen to go to college. Part of the reason for not going to college was that fact that I never considered myself the sort to sit behind a desk and shuffle papers. This isn't to make light of folks who do, it's just the way I then thought of jobs that college grads got.

If I had gone to college, doors that have been and are closed to me would have been opened up. I'm not stupid or slow, it's just that I wanted to work with my hands at the time.

I also thought about when I was much younger and had thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up. At one point, it was either a football player or an automotive engineer. I thought I'd leave it open so I had some options lol. I never became either of those things. I found out when I was in high school that I didn't like football as much as I thought and the thought of more years of desk learning didn't appeal to me either.

I did however, a bit later in life, become a certified mechanic in the state that I live. I guess that's about as close to an engineer as I ever got.

Am I unhappy about the decision that I made so many years ago not to go to college. The answer to that is "NO". I have gotten to do many things and a few different jobs in that time and have gotten by fairly well. As for today and the job that I do, I am making a very good living with it. Could I be making more money if I had gone to college, "Yes" , but I am doing things I like to do and am happy with who I am at this point.

At some point I may post about what I am doing where I work now. As you know, if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I work in an auto assembly plant. But I don't have a regular assembly line job anymore. I (through seniority) got a much better job, and it's off line.

I bet that more than a few other people have these same thoughts from time to time as they go through life. What could I have been?

For now I'll just leave it. Just a few thoughts that I had during the last week. But as I said, someday I may post more detail about what I do at the plant. Till next time BYE!!