Sunday, January 7, 2007

For Bobby Griffin of Bestest Blog

Yesterday, my wife Skittles, got a spiffy little gift from a blogging friend. You can see it on her Sticky Post Post. It's the little thing that Erika Jean did. I saw it and thought it was pretty neat. Not to mention a nice little boost in feeling good about ones self that you might get from it. But, in the comment section, one Bobby Griffin, decides he wants to burst bubbles with his asshole's comment about Erika not creating this little memento. I personally can't figure out why someone would do this. Is it jealousy? Every one who sees the nice little program or what ever you want to call it can clearly see at the end who it is powered by. Was there a need for this comment? No. Say what you will about what I am posting. You can even tell me that everyone has the right to say what they want in the comment section. But at the moment, I feel this was just an act of jealousy. It hurt Skittles. It seems mean and not really to just let others know that Erika didn't create it on her own. It's a case of the thought that counts here. Only it isn't the good kind. Just to let you know, if you piss off Skittles or hurt her in any way, I am going to respond. It's my job. I do my job well. I love this lady with all my heart and anyone who makes her sad is on my shitlist. SO, Bobby Griffin, you sir are on my shitlist. Till next time BYE!!


Bobby Griffin said...

Ok, need to understand where I am coming from. First of all, I said that it was still pretty awesome that Erika went and sent it to Barb. Even if she didn't make it herself, it is still a very sweet gesture. Hey, I don't work for Hallmark, but I think people appreciate when I send them a Hallmark card.

As a computer programmer though, I just wanted the individuals who actually made the website to get some of the credit, and perhaps if I made that clear, Barb (or anyone else for that matter) could also use their service and spread some love to other bloggers. Now that you and Barb know how it works, perhaps you could send one to Asara or anyone else you felt deserving!

Just because Erika didn't make the thing, doesn't change the sentiment attached with sending it. If you don't make your wife's birthday card, it doesn't change the effect of a sentimental message on the inside. I'm sorry to have offended, hopefully I have clarified myself a bit :-(

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

mike i love you!! a guy that defends his woman is tops in my book! but please consider bobby's apology. and give barb a hug from me. you guys rock! both of you.... bee

Mike said...

To Mr Griffin...Think before you write something. It's kinda like someone telling a child there is no Santa when the child believes there is. Yes, they still get their gifts, but now the magic is gone. Yes, it was still a neat gesture for Erika to do it, but, is it your F.....G job to make everyone aware of who does things on the web????? Don't you think people are smart enough to see who's company name is on it at the end??? So, Mr Griffin, you need to see where I am coming from. If you want to play guardian for all the internet companies that make little ditties like this, maybe you should quit work on Bestest Blog and join in with them.

Bobby Griffin said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Mike said...

Truth huh? I don't like what you did Mr Griffin. Plain and simple. It's like the little nerd kid in school telling on other kids. It wasn't needed. What you did was not a service but somewhat inflammatory. You are allowed your opinions and I am allowed mine. Mine stays as is.

Bobby Griffin said...

You know, I don't blame you at all for writing this post. In fact I respect you for it, as I would like to think that if someone upset my wife like this I would react in the same way.

But, I am not a bad person. I am trying to apologize and right my wrong...and by the way you are reacting I am beginning to wonder if I am just wasting my time and if you are one of those people who will hold a grudge forever against me...

The message is still really sweet. After all it is the thought that counts...Erika could have sent it to anyone in the world and chose your wife. It shouldn't matter if she made it or not! Even in my original comment I said "to think to send it to you is still pretty awesome of her."

Take a step back though, and there is a computer programmer out there that spent a good number of hours putting that together and has spent money hosting his site for everyone to use. Personally, I think his site is amazing and wish I were capable of doing that myself. I was simply giving credit where credit was due. If I was jealous of anyone it was the amount of skill that programmer obviously has to put together a service like that.

Mike said...

Mr Griffin...You just don't get it. You don't get it at all. You have ruined something with your comment. Plus, NOBODY, NOBODY understands how Skittles works. I don't even know how to deal with her at times. Perhaps you should take the time to read some of her other blogs. The PTSD one or the one about Panic Attacks. Then you might understand what she see when she sees your comment. Plus, is it really that big of a deal that you have to tell everyone that someone didn't create something??????? Who cares. We all appreciate those who take the time to make little things like this.It doesn't mean that we all have to go out and tell everyone that it wasn't that person who really created it does it? Or do you really think people can't read the little ditty at the end of it that says who it was powered by? Maybe when I see that someone GETS it, I'll change my mind. But you Bobby Griffin...DON"T GET IT!

Bobby Griffin said...

Yes, I have read her other blogs and I understand that she is perhaps un-understandable. Does this mean I should refrain from leaving comments altogether? The internet is a weird place where tone is a tricky issue. I meant to leave a helpful comment, but because you can read it with any intonation that you want. It perhaps came off as snobby, or jealous, or condescending or any other bad thing you can name.

Do I really have to tell everyone when someone doesn't create something? No, I don't, because I don't visit EVERYONE'S blog on a daily basis like I do your wife's.

And like I said above, the first time I saw one of these auto-name-replacement sites I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND IT. Now, maybe you are smarter than I am, since you claim it is "obvious." But truthfully I didn't understand how they were able to put my name in like that. Once I did understand how you can type anything you want out in front I WAS AMAZED. I thought it was the coolest neat little tool. Now, I'm sorry to have upset anyone...but, my intents were to enlighten everyone as to how cool it is that you can type anyone's name in there and pass it along.

Yes, I get why Barb is upset. What you don't get is that that wasn't my intention. Perhaps I could have worded my comment differently...perhaps I could have illustrated my point with another auto-name-replacement site...perhaps I shouldn't have said anything at all (I'm sure you'll agree most with this one).

But truth be told, I did not mean to upset anyone and for that I am deeply sorry. I am not a malicious person and would never purposefully do that to someone. I hope you and Barb can see that I am not a monster and find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Kiyotoe said...

Wow guys....

Sounds like a serious disconnect/misinterpretation/misunderstanding thing going on. Might be best just to leave it alone.

For now anyway.

I'll mind my business now.

The Counselor said...


Erika said...

Yikes. I'm so sorry guys!

I think they make the website so you CAN send it out to your friends, to send them a little message (and to get their name out as well).

It's not like I sent it to Skittles and was like "here is this website i slaved over for hours, It's all my doing" I was not taking credit for it. Heck there is a plain as day AD on it.

I sent it because of what it said, and Because Skittles deserves it. She's awesome and MIGHTY. If I knew how... I WOULD have slaved hours making that website or one even better.

Skittles and Mike You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and I'm sorry for all the drama I have ignited.

Anonymous said...

Much Ado...

Mike you are an honorable man for sticking by Barb.

Barb I hope you feel better after Mr. Griffin apologized and explained his point of view.

Mr. griffin, I think it was nice of you to explain and to too seem to be an Honorable man.

I say life is short please try for happiness.


HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

I support all 3 of you in your civil war - you are all right in your own way - and who'd dare to take a side - whew....

Barb is absolutely the most wonderful person and a blogger we all admire, but if she's hurting we're all hurting for her.

Mike, you are a great guy to stand up for Barb and a strong support in her life. You are her 'front-line' and she's very lucky to have you - and very lucky you take time to try to understand - and to make us understand more about her feelings.

Bobby, you ARE a good friend to both of them. You're a good friend to all of us. I truly believe you didn't mean to hurt Barb and you are trying very hard to make amends.

I hope all 3 of you will find forgiveness for each other.

Rose said...

Mike, I have already commented on this and I will comment again on your blog. Please understand that I'm offering my opinion as not a friend of Bobby as I don't know him nor as someone who knows your wife very well. I truly believe that Bobby meant no harm and I do not see where he did anything wrong. I have been online a very long time and proper etiquette to cite your source.

I don't think Bobby was raining on anyone's parade by saying Erica did not make the page instead I think he was saving her the embarassment of someone that you don't know coming along saying, hey Erica didn't make that page.

I don't think that Bobby relized that Skittles did not know Erica didn't make it.

I forward the site to two people today who thought I made it.

I cannot believe all I'm reading here. You guys are all adults.

Now I realize that Barb is hurt and I'm sorry to hear that, but there are always more than one set of feelings involved here when things like this happen.

Anyway that is just my opinion. I hope I'm not out of line.

Rose said...

I apologize for my several mistypes in the above post. I'm tired.

Smalltown RN said...

Hi Mike....

I read all about this at Skittles, I went and read Bobby's stuff, I went and visited Erica and now you. You see I believe in getting all the facts before I open my mouth. I agree with everything you have said to Bobby and I have told him so. Actually, I sounded something a little like you. Anyhow, if he had watched the video in it's entirety he would have seen that the creator of this video had been acknowledge. I think I got upset as I felt that he doesn't think that we can read,and that he self appoints himself as the blog police, and leapt before he thought about what he said. I am glad he has apologized to you and Skittles and I hope a lesson has been learnt here. I will not say anything more about this. I hope it all works out in the end for everyone.

You are a wonderful man for supporting her the way you did.