Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's been quite a long time since I last posted anything here. I just haven't felt like posting. I have done a few projects since my last post though. For one thing I now live in a house instead of an apartment. But, more to the point of this post. I thought I'd show off a couple things that I have done. First is a helicopter model that I got last Christmas and finally got done sometime in June or July, the second is a motorcycle kit that I got several years ago when the hobby shop that I had been using went out of business. They aren't museum quality as my skills just aren't what they used to be. But I did have fun putting them together and also enjoy displaying them with the rest of the models I have put together over the years. Till next time, BYE!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Meme

I'm a bit late in posting this but here go's.
This is a photo meme that I was tagged to do by Barb at Skittles Place.

This is the 8th photo from the 8th folder in my pictures directory. This photo was taken in the spring/summer of 2009. It was used in a Craigslist ad for some camping gear that we had but didn't use anymore. Yes, it did sell, and the people that bought it were going to use it that next weekend on a camping trip. So there you have it, my photo meme completed. I was supposed to tag 8 other people to do this, but since I haven't blogged for quite awhile, I won't do that. Till next time BYE!!