Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Rising Sign

I saw this on Skittles' Place and decided to try it. Go figure, we both got each others sign :)

Your Rising Sign is Libra

A total charmer, it's hard for people to say no to you.
Irresistable and attractive, you have no shortage of love interests.

Totally competitive, you tend to thrive in stressful enviroments.
A peaceful soul, you avoid conflict at almost all costs.

Sometimes you try too hard to please those around you.
But you have a great inner strength that helps you bounce back easily.


Miss-Informed said...

Sounds like a good combination. I am a sucker for these little quizes. I always wonder if they just randomly bring up a response, differently every time?

Skittles said...

What's this about other love interests? tap tap tap.. as Bee would say. Oh.. I bet it means your trains and stuff, right?

Pepper said...

Mine said I was stubborn.... I am not. Nope not at all.

Rach said...

how cool is that !!! I love yours.

Asara said...

I want Billy to do this and see if he gets Aquarius! lol, 'cause I got Scorpio, and that's what he is!

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