Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What a Day

To start off with, I had to get up early (for me that is) to go see my regular doctor for a checkup after having my back surgery. As far that goes, I seem to be in good condition other than gaining a little weight. The doctor pretty much understood this as she knows I haven't really worked in 4 months now. In my line of work, I did a lot of walking and without doing that, some pounds have found there way onto me. Not even walking around the mall would take it's place unless I walked for 8 hours or so. My blood pressure was good so she kept me on my current medication for that(it has risen some during the early back pain stages and had me wondering).

After seeing the doctor it was off to the bank and then a little bit of Christmas shopping. I got that done and came home. As I didn't sleep well last night, I lasted about an hour or 2 then hit the hay and slept about till 3pm or so.

OK, on to why I didn't sleep so well last night. I know you folks must be getting tired of hearing about my trains, but it was just that that kept me from sleeping like I normally do. Here's why. If you remember, I ordered a train in early November. They sent me a nifty little e-mail to let me know it was shipped. Well, when I got my package it was the wrong one. I got an e-mail from the guy who ordered from there saying he got mine and that I got his. Well, I, being the nice guy that I am, went to the post office the next day and mailed his package to him. BUT, as of today, I still haven't gotten mine. And what got me somewhat angry was that when I shipped his package, I had the post office put one of those delivery confirmation tags on it. So, I went online and typed in the number of it and what do you think I got? Yep, it was delivered to him on the 20th of November.

So I sent him an e-mail asking what was going on and why haven't I got my package. I also sent one to the place that I ordered my train from. The answer I got from them was that if this wasn't resolved soon, they would send me another train. The part that's frustrating me is the time factor. I ordered this thing in early November and it's already the end of the month.

I went to bed pretty much at my usual time, but as usual, my mind wouldn't stop thinking about this.I got maybe an hours sleep. Hence the nap today and the late start.

It just bugs me as I feel like I've been screwed over on this deal. I think the next time I will ship the order back to the place that I ordered it from and let them deal with it. No more being nice and shipping things to someone else I don't know. It makes for me the idea of trusting others a bit harrowing now.

So now I am going about my day as usual(so to speak) and will get back to sleeping normally tonight hopefully. Just wanted to let you folks know what's going on in my little world. Till next time BYE!!

P.S. I got tagged by Maggie for a 6 weird things about me meme. I'll get to that a bit later.


Jeni said...

On the higher than usual blood pressure thing after the surgery - I think maybe that might be a rather common occurance (stress levels increased then so blood pressure might go up along with that maybe). I know by the time I was discharged from the hospital after my last surgery - 5 weeks ago now - mine was up somewhat over what it normally runs but no one seemed concerned about it, so I figured, neither would I.

Hope your get your train issues resolved soon though. I can relate to that giving you cause to lose sleep too!

Mikala said...

It sounds like the doctor's appointment went well, that's great!

I'm so sorry about the train thing - that would have me fuming. It's like you can't trust ANYONE anymore and it's very discouraging. I know it'll work out (you'll get your train from the place), but I understand your frustration with the time factor. If you're anything like I am, you were excited to order it and couldn't wait to get, almost a month later you don't have your product. Ridiculous.

I hope you're able to get some sleep tonight.