Saturday, November 18, 2006

Satruday Reading Fun

Here's the rules Grab whatever book you are reading and open it to any page, then write down the first paragraph of how many paragraphs you think will get someone interested in your book.

From the Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

It took Jack less that a week to decide that a detour into the Territories was the only way they could possibly escape the Sunlight Home. He was willing to try that, but he found he would do almost anything, run any risk, if only he could avoid flipping from the Sunlight Home itself. There was no concrete reason for this, only the voice of his undermind whispering that what was bad here would be worse over there. This was, perhaps, a bad place in all worlds. . .like a bad spot in an apple which goes all the way to the core. Anyway, the Sunlight Home was a bad enough; he had no urge to see what its Territories counterpart looked like unless he had to.


Skittles said...

You reminded me of how good a book that is! I should read it again :)

Chelle & Chel said...

I don't think anyone would become interested in my Social Work or Gerontology books .... no matter what paragraph I quote. LOL


Jake said...

Dry History reading? nawww