Sunday, November 19, 2006


While I'm at it here. Seeing as I can't sleep at the moment I might as well put up a post that is of interest to me. If you look at my sidebar you will see one or those "site meter" thingies. They are a neat option I think. It keeps track of how many visitors I get and if I want, I can see where they have come from. It's nice because as we bloggers know, not everyone that visits our site will leave a comment. The part that's interesting to me is the number of "foreign" visitors that I have had. In foreign I mean those that do not speak English. Don't get me wrong here, I appreciate all the folks that have visited my site. But, in checking my site meter thing and seeing where others are from that have visited me, I just don't think there's a whole lot of interest to them unless they understand English. I know for a fact that there isn't one word of any other language in my blog. Well, other than a few "slang" terms I have used in the past. It's just something that I have found to be interesting to me. Something to do while I think of another post lol. Oh, you might have also noticed I have a map thingy too. I like to see where y'all are when you come visit. Just another little thing I like about this blogging thing. It's a neat way to connect folks from far away and share thoughts and ideas. I have to admit, I have more people coming to my blog than I ever though would. So, a hearty thank you to all who have visited my blog. And while I'm at it, a heart felt thanks for all who commented on my putting my blog back up. THANK YOU!! Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

I always wonder how people find my blog, too. It's nice to have those gadgets to help solve the mystery!

I'm VERY glad you put your blog back up.

The Bizarre Jokester said...

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Crunchy Carpets said...

I boggle at some of the countries where people have checked out my site.

I love it....I can't imagine what they think!

Jake said...

On the "Next Blog" button, at the top of your page. try finding where the most common page site originates. I may be wrong but it appears that a lot of Spanish speakers are waiting in line for my next click.

So I placed a Babel Fish program on the sidebar so I could translate and even reply to these Latino postings.

I have only used it twice and it most have scared the heck out of the blogger because I never received an answer.