Thursday, November 16, 2006

Remove the Sign PLEASE!

I think someone put a sign either on my car or my forehead today that says "Pull or Walk out in front of me". I've been out twice so far and both times someone has either pulled out or walked out in front of me. It's been raining here so I have been driving carefully. But, it irks me when people do this. Especially in the rain. Neither of them has been what you would call a "near miss", but still!
I guess on the other hand, both Barb's and my cars are fixed now. So that's good.
Till next time BYE!!


Pepper said...

I have a sign that says "please tell me your life story." It happens at least twice a day. I am not complaining because it is interesting and better than having one that says "kick me."


Tisha said...

*LOL* I tell my hubby all of the time that my truck has that same sign on the front of it. I swear that people just pull out in front of me all of the time. But, the worst is when they pull out in front of you and then turn a half a mile up the road!! For Heaven's sake...I drive a 4 door Green Dodge pick up truck. Ya'd think when people see a woman in a big pick up truck, they'd be hurrying trying to get out of the way!!

East of Oregon said...

I did a little follow-up to the abandoned train picture on my blog . . check it out..
thanks for stopping by