Sunday, November 19, 2006


Wow, what an ordeal this has been. I ordered a new HO locomotive from an online company early in November. They let me know in an e-mail that they were out of them. So, I wrote back and asked if they had my second choice to which they replied they did. SO, I ordered one of those. I waited for the delivery and to my surprise, the package contained not 1 but 2 locos in it. Problem was, they weren't the ones I ordered. So I pondered my next move. Later that day I got an e-mail from a gentleman that claimed he had my loco and asked if I by chance had his. I replied that I did and wondered why I got 2 in the wrong scheme. To make a long story short, I mailed this guys locos and hopefully he mailed mine to me. Now I get to play the waiting game once again.

Today, I ordered another new locomotive from a different online company. I guess I'll wait and see how this one goes lol. What can you do? Till next time BYE!!


Jake said...

In a situation like that, I would surely think someone was plotting against me. Maybe even the whole military/industrial complex. Not to mention those little gremlins living in the attic.

I would just tell the fellow, that "Says" he has your order, to keep the thing as it may possible be booby trapped or have a secret hidden camera.

In fact, I might get the idea that it was not my destiny to play with trains after all.

masgblog said...

hoping that you can still work on the train while you are laughing so hard...hee

masgblog said...

it's the rest of us who just aren't ready yet...but it's coming....