Monday, November 20, 2006


Not really a whole lot going on today. I did our shopping for Thanksgiving. It was a bit expensive, but if you look at it the right way, we will have several meals plus leftovers to munch on. Besides, it's a Holiday right?

It's that time of year when us model railroaders start working in earnest on our projects. As you have seen in my past posts, I am doing just that. I find it interesting as well as a stress reliever. So, just to warn you, I am going to be posting pics and such about the trains I am working on.

I will however, be posting about my other interests also. And, when spring gets here, I'll probably get into something else. What else you may ask? I'm thinking I'll probably get out my gas powered R/C car and take it for a spin or two. I tell ya, I'm like a little kid at times lol. Till next time BYE!!


Jeni said...

We're lucky this year in that the expense of purchasing the turkey has been lifted from us - not once, but twice! Son-in-law brought home a 20-pound bird last Wednesday and my daughter informed me we are also getting yet another turkey through our church! Enough turkey to feed a small army there. No, I won't cook both birds for Thursday's meal though as with one, we well still have plenty of leftovers to last a while!

Fortunately, I have the fixings for most everything else I will need already stocked in the cupboards so won't need to spend much prior to the big day!

By the way - don't go changing the way you blog (re: the Critique My Blog post you made) - yours is great the way it is with your thoughts and info too on the railroad cars you build. Getting me hooked now on trains!

masgblog said...

)too much food if you ask me, but you didn't and I volunteered anyway...heh)

so your railroad car projects you prepare these so that you can participate in a show or something?

Mike said...

jeni I didn't really plan on changing how I blog. It just made me think is all

masgblog I just do my trains to get them ready for when I have my own layout. I don't really think I'm good enough yet with it to put them in a show.

East of Oregon said...

oh I dread going shopping for what do you recommend cooking? I'm not a very talented chef.

Mike said...

Well east, if you want to go the super easy way you could always get one of those frozen turkey things that look about the size of a meatloaf. They aren't really that bad, plus they are easy to cook.