Wednesday, November 22, 2006


After getting some folks from other countries visiting my blog, I thought I might help them along with a translation thingy. It was free and might start some dialog's with new people. Till next time BYE!!


masgblog said...

good luck with the translation thing. Babel may or may not translate correctly (that is with correct context) but that you can do nothing about.

Re the Sudoku.....I luv these puzzles and adore Logic puzzles. Crossword puzzles are a little lower in my pecking order.

Happy Thanksgiving to you US folk. Canadian Thanksgiving was in October (thank goodness...too much food!)

Jake said...

Mike, in the translation of say Spanish, you need to understand some of the rules that do not translate. As you may know, the Spanish like to place sex genders on inanimate things like making daytime male and nighttime female.

Then you have the French who have an altogether bassackword idea of their place in the universe.

Good luck and have fun.