Friday, December 1, 2006


Well, another month bites the dust this year. The year seems to have gone by very quickly for me. It's been 2 months since my back surgery and my doctors appointment to see if I can go back to work is Monday December 4th. I think he'll say yes.

It's been an unusually warm November so far. Yesterday it was around 60F and now, at just after 1am, it's 37F and raining. The weather guy on the radio said we could expect several inches of snow this Friday, and I'm actually looking forward to it. Snow actually brightens my day. It turns those trees that are hibernating into sculptures in white. The brown grass into a fluffy blanket of soft sparkly cotton. What can I say.

As to why I'm posting at this hour? I have a headache and can't sleep. I took some aspirin for it(actually Tylenol). But I figured what the heck, if I'm up, I might as well post.

Not really much new going on here. We need to get more Christmas shopping done. I already know one item I'm getting for Christmas, but Skittles won't let me have it yet lol. I know I'm not supposed to, but I'm like a little kid with it being here in the apartment.

I find myself still getting used to the digital camera and it's settings. Or more precisely, how to take certain kinds of pictures with it. It's a neat item in that if you don't like the picture you take, you can just erase it and take another. It seems I didn't really have that problem with my 35mm camera, but the digital is the new wave and I just need to practice more.

As for my train cars, I am finished with the ones I got last Christmas. It's now onto the ones that I have collected over the years. I have gotten a couple of new engines in the past month. I had put train cars on my Christmas list for family to get me, and when my step-daughter in law had read my blog about it, she kinda reprimanded me a bit. I hope they understand that what I put on the Christmas list was the cars themselves and not the engines. We don't usually spend THAT much on each other at Christmas, so if I had asked for an engine, I would have only gotten one at the most.

The price of my hobby has gone up in the last few years. I guess it's only natural though. The nice thing is that the quality has risen also. So, all in all, you can still find deals, but you have to look a bit more to find them.

Well, I guess it's time to end this ramble. I'll wait for the snow and try not to sneak my Christmas present early lol. Till next time BYE!!


Sunflower said...

hi Mike, You are already in December! I am still in Nov. I just stop by and let you know that I have done the MeMe.

Jeni said...

I go back next Friday to Pittsburgh for my "6 week checkup" - not that it will release me to return to work, since I am on disability though. Just as well there too - where can I possibly get a job as a full-time blogger anyway?

And, did you get your train issues resolved yet?

Jake said...

I see that I am not the only night owl.

My situation is that I have built a new computer and it takes a while to load the software, do the updates and get used to a new mother board.

The MSI board has won me over after trying, about seven other boards. It has a great support system.

I think that I will use this idea as a post.

It seems that a lot of my responses are more like posting a blog anyway

Skittles said...

I see I better hide your present better!

Mikala said...

I can handle lots of snow, it's the ice I can't stand. St. Louis was hit big last night and this morning...hence the reason I'm home. EVERYTHING is covered in a nice, shiny coat of ice.

I work for the electric company and we have approximately 400,000 people without power. I'm a nonessential employee (meaning I don't work in the call center or in the field) and since my neighbor's tree took out my fence, I'm staying home.

I hope you guys don't get any of this crap.

East of Oregon said...

Hi Mike . . thanks so much for the great tips on my blog for my photo-ing...I will definetely look up that book. Take care and happy Friday!:)