Saturday, December 2, 2006

Saturday Night

I guess it could be considered good news. It didn't snow at all here today and none of any amount is supposed to fall in the next few days. The wind has died down and it's just a pretty much normal December evening here. My wife Skittles is having problems with blogger uploading any pictures. This seems to be an ongoing problem and has plagued others as well. Other than that, enjoying Harry Potter on TV seems to be the ticket for entertainment tonight. Till next time BYE!!


masgblog said...

hi! I got so into what was going on in TV land, that I forgot about everything else....but I am now back.
I like the railroad crossing image....very's Skittles doing? I see she's been busy fighting fires....:0(

Jeni said...

The snow bypassed Pennsylvania too and I don't miss the fact that it skipped over us at all!