Saturday, December 16, 2006

100th Post

This marks my 100th post. In reality though it really isn't. (did that make sense lol) You see, for those who have followed my little journey here in blogland, I had deleted my blog at one point and had about 93 posts on it at the time. But, I'll go with what is recorded on my sidebar for now.

First off. thanks to all my loyal readers and followers. Without you this blog wouldn't be near as fun as it is. I have met some pretty nice people here and value their input and comments. It's fun sharing with all you folks as well. Getting to know one another and seeing how others do things give me ideas about what to blog about.

I hope you folks have gotten to know a bit about me as well. Putting ones self out there for all to see isn't always easy. But it does give a forum to see how the rest of the world lives and thinks. Such a forum might actually one day create a better world as we know it. How else could we get to know each other otherwise?

Lastly, and probably mostly, I would thanks my wife Barb from Skittles' Place for getting me interested in this. For without her, I would have never thought about creating a blog. She blogged for several months before I got into it. I have found lots of ideas and she has helped me set up my blog and given me much needed advice and help with things here. My hats off to you Barb. (If I had a hat that is lol)

So there you have it. My little tribute to my 100th post. Till next time BYE!!


Jake said...

You are on my list, Mike, a short list for sure but it's the only list I have.

Skittles said...

You have a wonderful blog. How many times have I said I wish I could write as nice as you? I know you being back to work has taken away from your blogging time and how much you miss it.

Plus.. your blog has received the COOL Award by our grandson, Andy, for having the train crossing sign :)

"The sign goes ding ding, Daddy, and the train goes by fast!"

thepinkangel said...

I love your blog...congrats on the 100th next post will be 25.

I'm a n00b :)

I look forward to more posts from you.

Sanni said...

Happy 100th post, Mike - and of course congrats to your COOL award Andy gave you!

I enjoy reading your blog a lot and I apologize I am lousy on commenting =)

Enjoy your weekend!

San from Germany

Sarge Charlie said...

Well now Mr Mike, I must admit we have a lot in common, Miss Bee was just blogging away all summer and I played Texas Holdem all summer. I was at the local dog track playing poker one day, when I came home she had set up my blog. At one time she said I was obsessed with poker, today she said I am obsessed with blogging, I just can’t win......I haven’t played poker on my computer since I started blogging.

Congrats on your 100th post, standing by for 200.

The old sarge

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh mike that is wonderful! i missed mine, just didn't look and it came and went with no fanfare. you know, i was thinking, blogs like yours and mine and skits and charlies tell so much about ourselves. if we really knew each other in person i bet we wouldn't know as much about each other as we do from blogging, don't you think? bee

JohnH985 said...

Congrats on 100. It gets addictive, doesn't it?

masgblog said...

congrats on the second round of 100's.....btw - you have to stop by and see the recent picture of the Charlie Brown tree

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