Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday Night

I can definitely say there isn't much to post about tonight. After I got out of work, Skittles called me on the cell phone to let me know it was Friday and pizza night. So I went and got us some pizza and got home. The dog as usual was excited to see me(so was Skittles too). My first full week at work. I must have been more tired than I thought as when we got finished with the pizza, we both went to bed lol. I did get woken at about 8 pm by the dog barking at something, but was too tired to get up to see what it was. She barks at just about everything so I wasn't too alarmed by it. Kids playing in the apartments yard is the usual culprit.

So here I sit at almost 4 am posting. I don't mind though as I can just stay up and maybe take care of that last minute Christmas shopping that needs to be done.

Not much new at work. I have been used as a utility man there seeing as I know all the jobs. At least I don't get stuck on the same job all the time. It felt good to get a regular paycheck too. I have one more week to work then I get a week off for Christmas Holiday. Wooo hooo.

Skittles showed me something yesterday that she saw in a magazine. If I had seen it earlier it would have been on my Christmas list for sure. It is a turntable for playing vinyl LP's that plugs into your computers USB port. What a neat thing that would be. It would let me record all my LP's that I have sitting in storage. I'm already thinking of a way to get it anyway lol.

That's about it for now. Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

Posting at 4am.. welcome to my world. LOL :)

Oh that reminds me.. where's the check??? (Wink.)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh mike that would be a neat toy! imagine....bee