Saturday, December 23, 2006


I just got home from doing (hopefully) the last of the shopping that needed to be done for Christmas. My hats off to all those folks that work in the business sector that have to deal with all the people they encounter each season. It's part of the reason I don't really like to go out shopping at this time of year. Don't get me wrong now, I love to shop for others for Christmas. I'm not that good at it, but I do like picking out things. It's the people that bug me most. You know them. Those people that don't know where they put their drivers license and want to write out a check for everything. And those others who are just in that "state" I posted about before. The state of blissful ignorance. I saw a few of those today while I was out.

One, at the grocery store had 3 gift cards for Trumps casino in her 300$ grocery pile and didn't even think to ask what they were till the very end of her order. She apparently thought they were coupons. DUH! The second one was at a store where I was picking up a gift card and was ahead of me in line. She had a 12 pack of shrink wrapped water that she didn't want to lift out of her cart, so she asked the sales lady to scan it, which the sales lady tried to but the lady with the cart, just kept rolling the cart while the clerk was trying to read the scan thingie.

I know these aren't really outrageous, but it's all part of the reason I don't like shopping at this time of year. Just like people taking coupons into a store and not buying what's on the coupon but still expecting the same discount.

But, I managed to get all my errands done by noon today and that beat a lot of the rush. I may be crazy enough to dare out again later though. I have some birthday money to spend. Just have to figure out what I want lol. Most of it's in the form of a Lowe's gift card. I like Lowe's. It's just that living in an apartment isn't exactly conducive to shopping there. Now if I were a home owner it wouldn't be a problem at all lol.

OK, enough of my rambling for now. I'm going to sit here and chill out for a bit and see what happens today. Till next time BYE!!


Kiyotoe said...

big mike, we can finally communicate with each other again.

Bravo for braving the holiday "elements" (meaning too many people and rude customer service employees). I do most if not all of my shopping online.

You are braver than I my friend. You deserve to chill.

Skittles said...

pssst.. what's in the heavy purple one for me?

Mike said...

Skittles, you'll just have to wait to see what Santa brought you :)

Jeni said...

Reading your comments about Lowe's made me think about my "much younger than me" cousin (he's 3 days my junior!) and how you two would get along famously! He LOVES to shop at Lowe's! Says it's probably his favorite store in the whole wide world!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mike.
XXX Jolie

Kara said...

Ah, I had to go finish up shopping yesterday too, as much as I didn't want to. It sure is fun when all the people are out like that :P not. My hubby loves Lowes too, he will find any excuse to go there lol. Must be a guy thing. Hope you and Barb have a great Christmas!