Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

I think for this Thursday Thirteen I'll do something easy for me. I'm
going to name 13 train lines that I know. Some are from the past and
have been merged into other train lines, but I remember them anyway.

Here goes

1 Burlington Northern

2 Santa Fe

3 Union Pacific

4 Chesapeake and Ohio

5 Southern

6 Baltimore and Ohio

7 Pennsylvania

8 New York Central

9 Rio Grande

10 Western Pacific

11 Boston and Maine

12 Southern Pacific

13 Missouri Kansas and Texas

As I said, some of these aren't around anymore, but I do remember them.
I hope you enjoyed this list.

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Skittles said...

I know how much you love trains! Great TT! (Love your banner!)

Tug said...

Holy cow - I'd have never guessed there were that many EVER. Awesome...

Happy TT!

Mikala said...

I must be Train Challenged because I've only heard of 5 of those.

Neat list!

Happy TT!

Jeni said...

Mike - here's a trainline you may never have heard about - but a very good friend of mine who lives up near Detroit is a mega fan of it (I sent him to look at your site and he had told me he liked some of your cars/train stuff a lot) -Beech Creek Railroad! I think it later became part of the NYC or something like that. Will have to ask my pal, Jeff about that!

Courtney said...

My grandpa was a railroad commissioner, and even though I don't know a lot about trains and the lines, I still have a soft spot for them. My particular favourite is 'The City of New Orleans.' I believe it was non-stop from NO to Chicago, and there was a bar/restaurant at the old depot in Champaign, IL named for it. (Champaign-Urbana, IL is where I grew up.)

Where I now live in Montana, Burlington Northern is a familiar name, as well as, Northern Pacific Railway (I do NOT know a lot about either, so if I'm making a guffaw, sorry!)

Another blog I run is A History of Montana by Kodak, and if you like trains and railways, I started the site with a few 'old' photos of a trainwreck in Glendive and some photos of the depot. If you'd like to look at them, they're at the very bottom of the blog.

Missy said...

Cool list! I love to see passion and you are definitely passionate about trains.

Christina said...

What a fun list! My husband is fascinated by trains but hasn't had much chance to explore them. (But, as a truck driver, he does get to live out his dream of traveling the nation's interstates and federal highways.)

Happy Thursday!

erica said...

Wow, cool list. I'd be hard pressed to think up just one... So sad I know.

Happy TT!!

Le laquet said...

I used to travel the Heart of Wales line to and from work, sadly closed now but it was beautiful scenery.

East of Oregon said...

Great list! Hey, do you ever watch RFD channel on satellite? There's a show they have and it's just trains. It might even be called Just Trains, I'm not sure. But my dad watches that channel all the time and I've seen that train show some. It's nothing but trains just rolling down the track. It's quite enjoyable. take care :)
p.s. Thanks so much for the well wishes on my blog for my exam today. I did pretty good (won't know my score for another 2 weeks or so).

Meloncutter said...

A couple from down south here is CSX and the old Seaboard line. Seaboard is no longer in existance but they did take one of their old main lines from Atlanta that runs into Alabama and make a long paved hiking and biking trail out of it.

Back in Kansas, Where I grew up, There was a line called Missouri-Pacific railroad. We called Them MOPACS. AT&SF was pretty common too.

Just a Little trivia to add to your store of railroad knowlege.

Later Y'all

Rhea said...

You must play a lot of Monopoly or something. I would never be able to think of all these train lines.

Sanni said...

Thanks for sharing this very interesting TT! I learned a lot!
Great banner, b.t.w.

Happy TT from Germany,

thepinkangel said...

I'm still a little confused by this thursday thirteen...guess I'll visit the link and try to figure it out.

Susan said...

very cool, Mike - no trains around me except freight so I'm jealous you've had so many in your life. toot toot! happy TT!

dawn said...

Thanks for sharing! I've never been on a train - it's something that I want to do someday.

Sweet Kitty said...

Great list! Thank you very much for sharing!
And Congratulations to the Best Blog of the day!!!!

Hugs and Greetings from Germany,

Jenny Ryan said...

My father-in-law LOVES trains! His entire basement is a giant train layout.