Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Another day another dollar. Or something like that. I'm not as tired as I was yesterday after work. That's a good thing. I am still seeing those who didn't know I had come back to work and getting well wishes from them. Every one seems glad to see me back at work. It feels good to be missed. I'm getting back into the routine. I did the same 2 jobs as yesterday which was good. I had fun talking to others as we worked. We joked and told tales and such. It makes the day go by far faster than just doing your job. One of the fellows who wasn't there yesterday was one of the people I got to work near today and he kept me laughing most of the time. He's a pretty funny fellow and we have had some pretty good times at work together. His favorite thing to do is to bring up the funniest things of the past and get me laughing so hard I have tears from laughing at it. Some of the things would be considered inappropriate for some, but there are just times when it is so funny. He's the kind that can find something funny out of nothing.

On the way home I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up my prescription. They have this recording that calls you at home and when you pick up the phone, they announce in a really loud recording that your prescription has been processed. A bit annoying, but useful.

Once I got home I got greeted by our dog, as usual. Then was treated to another fantastic meal by Skittles. She can come up with the most tasty meals with just about anything we happen to have in our cupboard. What a good cook she is. Plus, I got a surprise after dinner. Desert. We don't usually have desert, but she made some chocolate pudding and put whipped cream on it. It was delicious too. I feel so loved by her :)

My day has been changed a bit as you can imagine. I now have to check all the blogs that I normally checked after I get home now. Since my list is getting bigger as it goes along, it is quite the task to keep up with them all. Plus, being tired doesn't help matters lol. I seem to almost fall asleep at times while looking at them. It isn't that they are boring, quite the opposite, but after just getting back to work from being off so long, I'm just a bit tired when I get to them. I guess it doesn't help with me taking some pain meds to help ease the soreness in my back, legs and feet. I'll get back into the rhythm soon though.

So that's about all thats going on right now. Just trying to get into this new routine as fast as I can. If you don't see any comments on your blogs that I usually comment on, just be patient. Till next time BYE!!


Mikala said...

Laughing so hard you cry is one of the best feelings out there.

Man, can you spare Skittles? I think she needs to spend some time at my house. Really, I need her!

I know how you feel. WIth being so busy at work, I have to check blogs when I get home too and I go through the same eyes are closing, but I just want to read one last blog...rough, isn't it?

Glad work is going so well.

Skittles said...

Oh Mike.. don't you know by now that I love you with everything I have and am? You are my knight in shining armor!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

aw how sweet you two are..... i just love you guys. bee

Jeni said...

Just getting used to the firefox here. Good to hear that you are adjusting so well to your return to work. Having a spouse to come home to who treats you really good, a nice loving dog too - all good things, nice to look forward to after a day's work whether it was a difficult day or an easy one!

Tisha said... sweet. : )

Anonymous said...

Gosh..get a room..would ya? That's what my kids tell us if we get mushy in front of them. (smile)

I'm glad being back at work is going well. I agree that is is nice to have a good bunch to work with.

Laughter is great in any day.

I love the train line list. We need more trains..less cars.

Have a good one.

It is grand when someone cooks a good meal for you. It does make one enjoy being loved.

XXX Jolie

Smalltown RN said...

hey Mike...

glad to hear getting back to work is going ok for you...sounds like you work with some very nice people. Oh and that wife of yours...chocolate pudding and cool whip....what a woman....lucky man!!! cheers...Happy Thursday!


Chelle & Chel said...

I'm just glad you get to go back to work! And so glad you're enjoying it.


HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

I often hear the trains whistling as they go past on the's a great sound in the still night.

Every time we take our boat out of the harbour, the BNR swing bridge operator opens up for us - it's quite a process and I enjoy watching it happen.

If it's raining I know he'd rather stay inside his warm little hut reading his book, but at least he gets paid to read his book, and I appreciate his work.....

I'm glad you are enjoying being back at work - sounds as if you have some good buds - as well as a FABULOUS wife!

Calabar Gal said...

Welcome back to the real world Mikey!!! When I didnt have a job, it was so easy to sit at my PC all day and just surf blogs. Going through my bloglist used to be so easy then. Sometimes, I surfed through each and everyone of them at least twice a day!! Now I have to go to work, its getting harded to catch up too and it dosent help
that I've got at least 55blogs on my blogroll!!! *SIGH*