Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I just thought I'd post about the gifts I got for Christmas.

A new lens for my camera. Its a 70-300 zoom with macro. I knew I was getting this as I ordered it lol.

I also got an Ipod which I love. Now I can listen to music at work.

I got 5 train cars 2 covered hoppers, a tank car, an auto carrier, and an old time billboard reefer car. Pretty neat stuff.

Some more weathering chalks

A book about the discovery of the Titanic. This is to replace one that I had that got ruined in a flood.

A new knife, its a Winchester brand and is a hunting knife. I don't hunt, but I like knives and will be an addition to my collection

Gift certificates to a local craft store

Finally but not least...I got a USB turntable. Well, it's on order. It couldn't be shipped here by Christmas so I will have to wait on this one. But it will be well worth it. I have over 300 vinyl albums that I would like to make MP3's of. This will make a great addition to the toys that I already own.

It may not sound like much, but it was a very good Christmas for me. Just watching the grandkids was a treat. Now if I can only get the youngest one, Emily, to like me, I'd be much happier. She's only 11 months and doesn't see me often. In time she'll get to know me more. Till next time BYE!!


Kara said...

Glad you got some cool stuff for Christmas and had a great day!

Morgen said...

Sounds like lots of cool stuff!
MUCH better than underwear and socks!

Ah, they mystery gift is a usb turntable! That is very cool & thoughtful! So, can you transfer vinyl albums to your ipod this way????

Mikala said...

Wow, you scored!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sounds good to me mike! we don't do presents really, charlie always gets depressed so i finally gave in and stopped buying him stuff at christmas. don't know what it is about but i let him have his way. we had a nice time though....bee

Mike said...

Morgen: Yes, thats part of the reason for getting it. Also, some of the albums I have were never recorded on cd , so other than getting them from the record itself, I won't be able to listen to them without a stereo.

sarala said...

Nice gifts. I want a macro lens too.
Let me know how you like your USB turntable. My husband wants to get one of those for his record collection.