Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I'm Hooooome

OK, first of all I'm very tired this afternoon. It was my first day back after 4 months off with my back problems. I was greeted warmly by many of my coworkers who were glad to see my return. Lots of how are yous and glad to see you backs and so forth. I think one of the happiest was my supervisor who knows that I know all but 1 job on my line. Unfortunately, this supervisor is moving to another area within the paint shop and we are getting a new supervisor, but the new one is nice as well.

My day started out pretty well though. The job I got put on first thing was a pretty good one. It was a standing job so I didn't have to bend much. The second job (we rotate 2 jobs back and forth during the day) was a good one also. Another standing job with very little bending.

I did some walking during my recovery period, but nothing really gets you prepared for work like actual work. There just isn't any way to make all the muscles work like the actual job you do.

We worked almost 9 hours on the line today which explains my tired and aching muscles. Mostly the lower parts of me are the most tired. Feet. ankles, legs and back. All tired lol. My hands are a bit tired also as I haven't had to work like this with them either. Gripping things and making movements again will take some getting used to.

The nice thing is though, that I remembered all the elements of the jobs I did without having to be retrained. They did change a couple of jobs on the line, but after having someone to keep me up to date on the changes for a few cars I should have them down pat in no time.

It felt very good to end this day back to work. Head home and get some rest.

I got home and saw a package left at our door and thought, could it be? I had high hopes that it was the train that got mishandled, but alas, it was just a package of books that my wife Skittles had ordered. Oh well, at least she's getting her orders right lol.

I was greeted when I got inside by my dog Sasha, who always gets excited when I come home from work and being that she is faster to get to the door, is usually the first one to greet me. Skittles(wife) greeted me with a nice warm hug and made me feel glad to be home.

So now I am sitting here blogging about my day and relaxing. It feels good to get off my feet for a bit. We will have dinner as soon as it is finished. Spaghetti MMMMM.

There have been some interesting things taking place at work in my absence, but I'll post about those at another time. For now I am going to take it easy and enjoy sitting here at my computer for a while. It felt good to go back to work and get to see my friends there. Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

Dinner will be ready soon :)

Mikala said...

Again, I'm just glad you're healthy enough to be back at work.

I'd glad your day went so well. That's nerve racking just knowing that you're going back to work at 4 months off.

My uncle works for a auto manufacturer and his job sounds sooo tough.

masgblog said...

Welcome back to the world of the working, or is that the night of the living dead...no matter...glad that it went well for you,a dn that you don't have to make dinner.


Empress Bee said...

ohhhh spaghetti, my very favorite dinner of all time in the whole wide world!!!!! so glad you are okay mike. barb will take good care of you now.....bee