Thursday, February 1, 2007


I stayed home from work today so that I could see my doctor and try to get over this cold. I just feel all icky and tired. Rest is on the agenda for the day.

I have recorded 3 albums so far using my new USB turntable. This takes a bit of time as it isn't digital and you have to play the entire track and album to get it onto the PC. I've been doing it one track at a time so that I can pick and choose what songs I want so that I can put them into my Ipod. As is the case with most albums, not every song will be used. But, I do have them and will save them all just in case.

I didn't do the Thursday Thirteen. My mind has been feeling like it's in a cloud or something. Darn cold! I'll try to do the Friday's Feast though as I think it's fun to do. Till next time BYE!!

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Smalltown RN said...

Oh Mike...

I feel your pain...I was feeling so under the weather last week. I know what you mean about your head feeling all cloudy. Hope you feel better soon. Rest and have a nice cup of tea and hot soup!