Thursday, February 1, 2007

USB Turntable pt2

This gadget is so cool. I can't begin to tell you how good it makes me feel using it. Even though I have a cold lol. It just brings back so many memories.

When I first got into music. I mean really got into it. Not just listening to a record player that was built onto a stereo that is. Separate receiver, tape deck, turntable. I didn't have the best, but I did get the best of what I could afford. I remember playing record albums and recording them onto my tape deck. Setting the levels and watching the VU meters. Back when I started there was no such thing as digital. Everything was analog. The meters for the levels on my tape deck had needles that swung from left to right as the levels rose. It was quite enjoyable watching them. Making tapes was a way for me to listen to the albums and songs that I enjoyed. As I didn't have a turntable in my car, tapes were the way to go. Oh, by tapes I meant cassette tapes. Not 8 track tapes. I did have a few of those in my earlier times.

But it's pretty much the same now for me as it was then. Sitting here listening to my albums as they are being recorded onto my PC. I get to watch the digital meters rise and fall with the music. As I said, it just brings back some happy memories for me.

One nice thing about my albums is that I took very good care of them and used a very good turntable and cartridge(needle) for them. I still have that turntable too. I just don't have a way to hook it up to my PC. But with taking good care of my albums, I don't hear a lot of pops and clicks in the recorded tracks.

The software that came with the turntable is pretty neat too. If I had pops and clicks it has a setting that will eliminate them as much as possible in the recordings. It can also save the recordings in several different formats. The software is called Audacity and is very easy to install and use.

I guess that just about covers what I wanted to. Till next time BYE!!


crpitt said...

So if i am correct this gadget thing puts your vinyl music onto the computer? is it expensive and is the quality of the music sound good?
remember i am a fish, so these things are hard for me to understand!lol!


JohnH985 said...

I am soooo jealous. I want a usb turntable so bad right now. I have so many albums that I would love to transfer to cd. Hey, it might take awhile but it gives you a chance to listen to some great old albums. I haven't listened to some of mine in a lot of years.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sigh.... mike my early tape player was a reel to reel.... i am "reel-y" old..... bee

Vic Grace said...

My husband would love if I did that with his old albums. Is the sound better through the PC

katherine. said...

sounds very cool and geeky...and the perfect Christmas present for you.