Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I know I've posted about my albums. Most of them are in very good condition if not like new condition. But, what I haven't mentioned is that over the years I have "inherited" a few albums also. Some were maybe given to me by friends or family who just didn't want them or something similar.

Well, I ran into one album in particular that I don't remember buying and it was in pretty rough shape. First off it was very dirty and had tons of stuff on it. Albums are usually pretty smooth to the touch, you can feel the little tiny grooves they use to put the music on with, but they should feel smooth. This one felt like it had sand on it.

I cleaned it as best I could. But it still sounds pretty rough, lots of pops and clicks. I still recorded it into MP3 format. I didn't get the first song though as it skipped in at least 2 spots. That doesn't make for a good sounding recording lol.

I'll still list this one as being done, but it will be missing one song from it's list. It's too bad too because it's a very good album. By the way, the album is Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin. The first one they did and it had many good songs on it. Oh well. On with the rest of them. Till next time BYE!!


Claire said...

I am seriously thinking of getting one of these now, told my mum about it and she wants all hers done. So i think it would be a good birthday present.

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Well, I guess that answers my question about the sound quality! Hmmm... I'm going to have to see if I still have my old albums in the garage :)

Jeni said...

Sounds like a neat way to preserve your old albums in a really compact manner. I have about 100 albums - all of them up at my son's house though as I have no place here to store them and for a while, didn't even have any means to play them either.