Sunday, April 20, 2008

Damndest Thing

It's funny in a way. This has to do with the "new" car I have. When we looked at it at the dealer, it looked like it was a tan or dark tan color. Maybe it was the lighting as it was a bit overcast that day. When I saw it again to pick it up, it looked a bit more grayish to me. When I get close though, it's actually a greenish shade. I did get a color touch up pen with the car and it's labeled as "spruce green". But honestly, look at the pictures that Skittles took and the car looks more grayish doesn't it? Oh well, it doesn't really matter as we both like the color of it. It's just that in different light, it seems to be a different color. We did take George out for a long drive yesterday and it runs and rides great. Till next time BYE!!