Saturday, March 29, 2008


I was tagged by Sanni from It's sanni-licious to do a meme. So here it is :)

If I were a direction I’d be South

If I were furniture I’d be A big comfy couch

If I were a liquid I’d be Mud

If I were a sin I’d be Is being lazy a sin? lol

If I were a gem/stone I’d be A lump of coal (diamond in the rough) lol

If I were a metal I’d be Steel

If I were a tree I’d be an Oak

If I were a fruit I’d be a banana

If I were a flower I’d be a daisy

If I were weather I’d be Cloudy

If I were a music instrument I’d be A bass guitar

If I were an element I’d be Earth

If I were a color I’d be Red

If I were an animal I’d be a bear

If I were a sound I’d be a quiet spring day

If I were a lyric I’d be "Saturday in the Park I think it was the

fourth of July"

If I were a song I’d be "In the living years"

If I were a music type I’d be Rock

If I were a perfume/cologne I’d be Stetson

If I were a feeling I’d be Happy

If I were a book I’d be War and Peace

If I were food I’d be banana pudding

If I were a city I’d be Grand Rapids

If I were a taste I’d be Tangy

If I were a scent I’d be Soothing

If I were a word I’d be Descriptive

If I were a verb I’d be Playing

If I were an object I’d be a rock

If I were a piece of clothing I’d be a worn pair of blue jeans

If I were a body part I’d be an arm

If I were an facial expression I’d be a smile

If I were a cartoon character I’d be Marvin the Martian

If I were a movie I’d be An officer and a gentleman

If I were a geometrical figure I’d be an oval

If I were one of the 4 seasons I’d be Summer

If I were a sentence I’d be incomplete

Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

Nice answers, sweetie! ♥

Smalltown RN said...

I like this meme and your answers....I was reading your previous post...I hear what you are's nice to be in charge but there is a lot of responsibility that goes along with it, which of course can be mentally of luck...and I really hope for your sake that the 2nd shift get the the hang of putting that vehicle together....cheers....

Sanni said...

Of course you´d be a smile!

Thank you so much for playing, Mike!

lv2scpbk said...

This is the second bird photo I've seen but only yours as a pet. Good photo.

LadyBanana said...

I definitely agree with being a