Friday, March 21, 2008

I saw this over at Skittles Place and thought I'd give it a try lol.

You Are a Cadbury Creme Egg

You're the type that stole little brother's easter basket so that you could have MORE CANDY!


Dianne said...

I'm a chocolate bunny

says I'm traditional (huh?)

but then goes on to say I secretly want to dress up as the Easter Bunny and that part is true.

Happy Easter to you and yours.

Jean at Penny Lane said...

That is funny - so did you really steal the candy from your little brother?

Anyways, I just tried to visit Skittles and got a page that says the blog has been removed. sniff!
I hope this mystery can be solved!
Let me know.

Christine and FAZ said...

Hi Mike, Happy Easter to you and Barb.

Misty Dawn said...

So, is there truth to this? Did you steal your siblings candy??? hehe be honest now.

It says I'm an Easter egg... it also says I'm so sweet I don't need candy - geesh I certainly was able to fool that quiz!