Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mentally Drained

I haven't blogged regularly for a long time now. But I just thought I'd write a bit about my work. Yeah, I'm mentally drained from what went on at work tonight. You see, I've been the Major Model trainer for my shift at work for almost a year now. That is to say that when we get a new car to build, I'm trained first, then I train everybody else in my unit. A few months ago, I got some help in the form of the Major Model trainer from our 2nd shift. This person has been a very big help to me and has learned the whole operation on our line during this time. These last few weeks though, we have been working split shifts in order to train all those on our 2nd shift. The shift supervisor has been there during the whole time. But, some of the people on this shift have been difficult if not impossible to train. Not to mention that tonight we ran a practice car to get the 2nd shift people familiar with it and this was the first time he had walked through to see what was actually done with it. Top this off with my now having to work another split shift tomorrow to run another car on 2nd shift because the supervisor thought his people weren't as well trained as they should be. Drats!!! Oh well, at least they didn't try to find fault in the methods we have used to train the people there. It's just getting to be a mental drain with all that's been going on. Lots of work to do in the next couple weeks and now it seems to be more to do before it's over. I guess that's about all for now. Just thought I'd do a post lol. Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

Hang in there sweetie. A week of time off awaits you.

Sanni said...

Drats! Like Barb said: "Hang in there!"

I´ve been working as a technical and sales trainer for a French car company before I got pregnant with Luis. There a LOTS of people out there who are truely impossible to be trained... sad, but true.

I hope you´ll find time to play with me anyway! :-)

Anonymous said...

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