Monday, February 18, 2008

Heads or Tails

This weeks "Heads or Tails" meme is...The letter "P".

I have the perfect post for this week lol. At least I think Skittles would agree with me on it.

I have chosen the word "Plethora" for my post this week. In this I mean I have a "Plethora" of hobbies that I am interested in.

Just to name a few
Model Trains
Model Cars
Recording CD's
Working on Cars (real ones lol)

You get the drift by this list don't you? lol
I love doing things with my hands and mind. It keeps me off the streets as my Mom used to say.

I know this isn't a very long post, but I just thought I'd participate in this weeks meme as I haven't done so in a while.

Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

You have more hobbies than anyone I know and the thing is.. you're good at all of them!


bundle-o-contradictions said...

Sounds like a lot of stuff my Poor Hubby can finally get into, now that he has a shed & garage! Except for photography, that's something I want to play with! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I love the word plethora! :) And that's an impressive collection of hobbies! :)

Natalie said...

It's great to have hobbies. The word plethora reminds me of the movie The Three Amigos for some reason.

Misty Dawn said...

Ahhhhh! I LOVE it! Barb says you have more hobbies than anyone she knows??? Oh boy - guess she shouldn't be 'pals' with me then! I'm with you on all of these except model cars and working on cars... and please add fishing, shooting guns, computer stuff, and... well, I better stop or Skittles will quit talking to me hehe

Jen said...

I wish I had a plethora of hobbies. I need to get back into doing things I once did for a hobby long ago. Drawing, playing the piano, etc etc. I really liked this!

Hootin' Anni said...

Plethora....a word I learned today!! Now that in itself was intersting. All your hobbies sounds very fun. And I'm sure worth while.

My HoT is posted, I hope you drop by for a chat!! Happy Tuesday Mike!


That is quite the list.

Happy Tuesday. It's nice to have a few hobbies so you can do one when you get sick of another.

Bloggers said...

OH love that word. How cool.

Sanni said...

So many hobbies - so little time!
I´m with you woodworking, photography and working on cars. I ♥ that!

Robyn Jones said...

Welcome back!!! How do you keep up with all of them...I have four or five..and I only keep up with a couple...drives me crazy...

Andrée said...

I've wanted to work with wood and make furniture. But it's so much work (and expensive!). I'm a lazy hobbyist. Have any photos of your woodworking? My HoT is here, thank you.

tumblewords said...

Lots of really cool hobbies and my guess is that now you've posted this, you wish you'd added a couple more! Grin. Nice post!