Friday, February 29, 2008

New Toy

If you've read Skittles blog you already know that we went Christmas shopping yesterday. Not for this year but to finish up our last years shopping for ourselves. I had gotten a gift certificate for a hobby shop and hadn't decided what to get so far. So, off we went yesterday in search of the hobby store(the closest one is actually in the next state, Ohio lol). Well, I was like a kid in a candy store. So much to see and so many decisions to make. Trains, planes and cars. R/C and static models abounded. After doing a fair amount of drooling lol, I decided to get a new R/C car. It's actually a Monster Truck. It's made by HPI and is called the E savage. This thing is huge. Heavy too as it has 2 motors and 2 battery packs to propel it. I already had an electric R/C car but it's pretty old. I also have a gas powered R/C car that is really a stadium truck, much like the ones you see in real stadiums jumping over dirt hills and such. The neat thing about this new one is that it has a lot more ground clearance than my gas powered car. I had taken my gas powered one out to the site behind my apartment that is building new houses and tried to run it there, but it just doesn't have enough ground clearance for that kind of rough terrain. This one does lol. I've put a couple of pics here to let you see what the new one looks like. The first one is of the new truck, the second one lets you see the difference in size between the new one and my gas powered one. I'm looking forward to when the weather will be nice enough to run it in the dirt and see what exactly it will do. Oh, I almost forgot, I've named my new truck Barney. Barney you say? Well yeah, short for Barney Badass lol.

Till next time BYE!!


Skittles said...

Barney is awesome :)

Misty Dawn said...

Ummm Mike... well... I'm planning a trip to Ohio in late June or early July... and I've been hoping to meet you and Barb... Ummmm... I was just wonderin... can I play too??? I wanna play! OK, you don't have to let me drive the new truck... just let me watch you drive it! Maybe i could drive your old one? Oh come on, I won't hurt it - we'll have fun! Let's see - hmmmm - I've got about 4 months to convince you ;-)

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