Monday, September 17, 2007

Heads or Tails

This weeks Heads or Tails meme theme is Keys. For this I guess I'll just tell you a bit about me in as far as "keys" go. I always carry 2 sets of keys with me. One set is for the cars that Barb and I have and the other is for our apartment and such.

The first set (the car set) has keys for the 2 cars we own plus one of those automatic door and trunk opener for Barbs car, plus a few of those little cards that attach to your keyring so we get discounts at a few of the stores we go to. This set hangs on a big clip that attaches to one of my belt loops so I can get to them easily, plus they are probably the most used.

The second set has our apartment key plus keys for our storage unit, my work laundry locker and our mail box. It has another key on it but I don't really remember what it's for lol. This set is on a keyring that I carry in my right front pants pocket.

I have duplicate sets of keys made just in case I loose a set(which has happened before).

I know many people put all their keys on one keyring, but I like keeping these separate so it's easy to get at either set as I need.

There you have it lol, now through this meme you know a bit more about me and my habits.


Skittles said...

You forgot one. You have the key to my heart :)

Aren't we cute?

Tammy said...

My husband does that too, except he has three sets, one for the car, one for the house and one for work. I'm just waiting for the day he takes the wrong set to work.

meeyauw said...

There's another good reason for two key rings: If you lose one, you don't lose everything. I've heard of that happening to people. Not to me. I have three keys: house, car, church. But nothing here is every locked up so it doesn't matter if I lose a key ring. OK the church is locked at night but that is all.

Siani said...

I try to keep all my keys together these days, as I have a horrible habit of losing individual keys that aren't attached to the main bunch. Either that, or I have an evil squirrel in my house, that steals keys! Have a great week.

Misty Dawn said...

Isn't it funny how we have keys that we don't remember what they are for, yet we keep them around just in case we figure out what they went to? I do the same exact thing!
P.S. I love Barb's comment. And, yes, you guys are TOO cute!

Rambler said...

I totally agree with you on this one, I dont like when I have to search my keys in a big bunch