Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

It's been a lazy day here for us. We visited the pet supply store to see about the water in our aquarium first. I guess that needs a bit of explaining. We got an aquarium last week and also some fish for it. We let the thing run before we put the fish in so we thought it was ok. Well, we bought a couple little catfish to help keep the bottom of the tank clean. One of them died. So, I took it back to the pet store which has a guarantee on the fish you buy there. It turns out that there was too much ammonia in the water. So on the advice of the store help I bought some chemical to put in the tank to get rid of the ammonia. We went back today with another water sample so we could get another fish, but, the ammonia level was still too high. I'm not by any means a fish expert so I asked the fellow who was helping us what to do. He suggested a different chemical and a partial water change.

The water change was reserved for later in the day as we had planned on visiting the cemetery where my father is buried. He passed away in 1989. I will always remember that evening. I was the one who took him to the hospital. I had gone to visit he and my mother that afternoon with my kids and my sister was there also. My mom stayed at the hospital as we thought they would treat him and send him home later. Mom told me to go home and be with the rest of the family and she would call when they let him out. Well, the hospital called a bit later to tell me that my father had passed. So we went to the cemetery today and left some flowers there. Oh, my father was in the Navy also, so this is kind of a special day. I'm glad it was a nice day here so we go to enjoy a pleasant visit there.

After we got home from the cemetery, we got to work on the aquarium. We replaced about 5 of the 20 gallons of water and added the new chemical. We also added a nice piece of shale rock to help hide the aeration hose that was partially visible at the bottom of the tank. We kept a watchful eye on the tank and it seems to be much clearer than it has been. I'm hoping this new stuff takes care of any problems that we may have had as I don't want any more dead fish. In any case I still enjoy sitting and watching the fish swim around the tank.

This afternoon/evening we grilled some brats and watched a movie. I have the rest of this week to enjoy not getting up for work. Next week it will be back to normal for me.

That about caps the activity we had today. Till next time BYE!!


Smalltown RN said...

Sounds like you had a full day....aquariums can be very time consuming....I understand you can buy your own kits to test the water in the aquarium....sounds like you are on the right track(no pun intended)

I am glad you were able to also have a moment of reflection with your father and thank you for sharing your story...

Hope you and Skittles had a lovely evening together....cheers

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'm sorry about your father passing away like that.