Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is a bit of a rant here, if you don't like rants, don't read this.
I've made some changes to the link list on my sidebar. These changes reflect the feelings I have towards some fellow bloggers that have no compassion to understand those with a mental problems. If these bloggers have made the choice not to try to understand this I have no compassion for them. Plain and simple. If everyone in the world were without problems it would be ideal wouldn't it? But that isn't how the world is. Different people have different problems. Some folks just aren't equipped mentally to deal with all the normal worldly things that happen. Some folks also choose to reject those that don't "conform" to a normal way of dealing with things. Therefore, I choose to just "delete" these people just as easily as they "delete" others with mental difficulties. I guess in my mind it boils down to this, if these people choose (and that's exactly the right word for it) to delete these people, I choose to delete them from my blogging life. I would also note here that I am not as nice about this type of this as my wife is. She has asked me not to blog about what has happened and I did this out of respect for her. If it wasn't for her, I would be ripping a new asshole in a few people that blog. I would add that in my mind things were done by these other people that I consider childish. How can I put it....no backbone, without intestinal fortitude, and I just wonder how in the hell some of these folks ever get along in a normal relationship. So there, I've said what I want to say in the nicest way I know how without going against my wifes wishes.

Oh, if these other folks wish to talk about what happened with me, you can feel free to use my e-mail link to send me comments you don't want to put here.

Till next time BYE!!


JohnH985 said...

It's a shame that some people want to attack and try to hurt other people. I think these blogs can be so much fun and you can make so many friends on here, why do some people want to be negative? Well, I guess it's just like they are in real life.

I hope otherwise things are ok with you and Skittles. Glad to see you on my blog, I've missed your visits.

Shelby said...

I understand. Hope the rest of your day is great.

Glad to hear your recent trip was grand :)

Jeni said...

Mike, you have to do what you feel comfortable with in being supportive to Barb. If people choose (and I do think you used the correct word there, as it is a choice they have made) to not try to comprehend the myriad of aspects people who must deal with, try to cope with mental health issues, then you are every bit within your right to choose to hit that old delete key! Who knows, maybe by doing that it will turn on at least a "nightlight" ray in some people's minds and begin them down a road to a change of thinking patterns.

Smalltown RN said...

Mike I am not sure what transpired. But based on what I read in your post it had something to do with people not being tolerant and or understanding up mental illness. Maybe they truly just don't understand, and in their ignorance they make inappropriate comments. I hate to think that there are bloggers out there that are intentionally cruel....but I guess there are..I hope whatever transpired has settled and that you and your wonderful wife can just enjoy life.

Cheers my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Glad you stopped by my blog. I thought you had stopped blogging I hadn't heard from you for so long.

I know what you mean about people not understanding mental illness...as you may remember my youngest suffers from bi-polar disorder and let me tell you that even people in the profession of (Mental Health) don't get "IT" about half the time.

She always puts people off with her behavior and her mouth and I always run around behind her trying to clean up the messes and get people to understand. Some do..some don't and many just don't give a damn. Somehow we muddle through and I am thankful that she has as many people in her life that care about her as she does and I always tell her not to sweat the small stuff. Why should she care about what others think. Of course that is easier said then done.

Sometimes I think it can be harder on us that love them then it is on them. Just delete away and go from there and hope for the best.

Life is too short to spend much of it in anger and worry. It really took a toll on me and my own health. So try to roll with the punches and hope for more good then bad. That's my advise.

I love your vacation photos. I love the "Badlands". Seems they are a very sacred spiritual place. Maybe it is the quiet, hey?

Tigger said...

Well I am glad to see that I am still there..